Diana bashing a money spinner again.

With the tenth anniversary of Lady Diana Spencer’s death (31st August 1997), almost upon us, the sharks are out in force once more. Knowing the deep well of affection that still exists for her all round the world the leeches are out still sucking out profits from stories and rumours about her life and death.

No doubt over the next few weeks we’ll see story after story appear in the media as her ‘supporters’ or detractors scutter around the gutters trying to scrounge what they can. I wonder how much will impact on those of us who saw her more as as a symbol of what ‘royalty’ could be at its best, rather than the brain dead clothes horse she’s been portrayed as since her death.

The media can say and do what it likes. For millions of people around the world all the shock horror revelations make no dent whatsoever in their regard for this woman… flawed as she may well have been, She was human and so are we. Maybe its time for the media to leave well alone and let people remember her as we want… including the myths.

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