Big Brother on the way.

Lucky Sydney! We’ve just been given our own party gear… or something. For a little while now loudspeakers have been appearing on the streets which of course are there to play stirring music… or maybe to relay pop concerts to the masses yes? Nope.

What we now have adorning the streets of Sydney is a permanently ready public address system which, one assumes, will spring to life if a sudden emergency arises. Examples of the emergencies include the aftermath of a terrorist attack, assuming both the loudspeakers and at least some people survive. Other uses could be to warn people to leave the streets in the face of the imminent arrival of George Bush and his entourage on one of the lightning official visits.

Loudspeakers in Sydney

I can’t say they look exactly attractive… I wonder why a little more thought couldn’t have been put into the idea and a more elegant solution found? Still, I suppose it’s a sign of the times. Big Brother is here… the screens will be next 😦

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