The Beatles – yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!

I was in Aldi supermarket the other day and there was a pile of DVD’d going cheap there so naturally I had to have a nose. One I found I just *had* to have.

It is a copy of old an Beatles TV appearance from April 28th 1964. In it the ‘fab four’ do a skit on A Midsummer Nights Dream etc but they also perform a lot of their stuff to that date along with a whole heap of then current pop starts. These ranged from Long John Baldry thru Cilla Black to the Vernons Girls and P J Proby. What a bunch!

The miming to the songs was so bad as to be almost criminal but what *really* got me was how totally daggy everybody looked. One girl stood out impressively simply because, at the end of April, in a pop concert with the best groups in the UK at that time… this 16 year old chose to wear a white hat, white glasses and a woollen coat with a thick fur collar that looked like a cat her mother had sewn on. To round of ‘the look’ she carried a huge leather look handbag. I do hope she”s never seen this clip since 🙂 To be fair many of the rest managed to look more like teenagers with sweaters and trousers or skirts, but even so there were many boys wearing suits and ties… god we were a sad bunch.

Some of the groups were worth watching even if the performances were a bit ‘frantic’ in parts. P J Proby reminded me why he was a demo singer for Elvis at one time and Cilla was just Cilla… funny face but a great voice. Long John Baldry was brilliant. I’d forgotten just how good his voice was, so sad he died a couple of years back. Actually, it *was* the music that made it worthwhile it was just that the lack of professionalism in the presentation was so amateurish it was almost embarrassing to watch.

Once that section of the DVD was over we got into a few clips from US and Japanese concerts and the boys were as good as ever singing loads of their great songs.

Was it worth buying?? Hell yes… especially since it only cost me $5 😀 How could I lose?? 🙂

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