Lady Diggers!

There have been a few twitterings in the ranks about the way the modern Aussie army is recruiting new recruits. The main focus of the concern has been the new series of posters featuring the Lady Differ in a variety of situations but in most wearing the same outfit.

Trouble is that this costume is said to be a bit ‘tighter’ than one would see in real life. And… as you can see from the reproduction below of one of the posters this isn’t too far from the truth. The somewhat obviously female one of the pair does seem to be stretching the material of her uniform a little… ok a lot. šŸ™‚
Lady Diggers

The claim now by the ubiquitous “Defence spokeswoman” is that “The posters were not designed for outside recruiting but rather to encourage soldiers to consider a change in trade.” By all accounts it worked with numbers requesting a change in trade jumping from 35 to 450 in the first week the posters were used. I wonder how many of the guys who moved jobs were disappointed when their workmates didn’t live up to their expectations?? šŸ˜€

Note: Anyone who’d like to see copies of the remainder of the posters, especially the ‘Army Angel’ with the tight nurses outfit… just drop me a line!

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