Potter – my entry to The Times Online Comp.

Wrote most of this on the 19th July… then edited it in light of the new book. This was my entry to the competition… 100% wrong… so no prize for the Dog!! :)

Molly Weasley is the one going to die.
The wedding between Bill and Fleur takes place at the Burrow. During the proceedings the Death Eaters attack.

Molly fights to defend home and family but her actual death results from throwing herself in front of Ginny to protect her just as Lily died to save Harry.

Dobby moves from Hogwarts to The Burrow to help the family cope after her death. A devastated Percy will return in sorrow to the family.


Lets see… yes the Death Eaters *did* attack the wedding… but Molly lived. However, later in the book, Dobby died… ah well. How much more wrong could I be?

On a theme, I’m not really sure what lessons we are supposed to learn from the series. For example, even allowing for the author’s need to reduce complexity, it’s off how little the characters reflect real life social mores.

One example that comes to mind is how few of the adults we are introduced to have children of their own. As far as we know not one teacher has children whilst there are three families on the nasty side (Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle) who do. Of those defending truth, justice and treacle tart (which seems to be the English side’s equivalent to mom’s apple pie) there is only the Weasley’s family which contains children… all others are unattached adults despite being it seems in their late 30’s or early 40’s! Not only that, many of the children we’ve met have lost one or more parents and/or grandparents. Seems it’s dangerous being a wizard and you either live to be ancient as in Dumbledore’s case… or die very early in, let’s say ‘odd’ circumstances!

Come to that, in the last book Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks got married, had a child… and then both its parents were killed!! More orphans!

Maybe one lesson is that mostly, it’s those who have least to lose who fight the hardest for those who have most to lose??

Except that Ron and Hermione had kids… and so did Harry and Ginny… so the moral is… ??

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