Ok… really back this time

It’s been an odd sort of week. Actually quite ‘potty’ in its way. Those Pottermaniacs amongst have had our final dose of Harry and have had time to read and digest most of the overall story… though maybe not really come to terms with the end of the series. I’ve run through the Deathly Hallows three times (so far) and have to say it was a reasonably satisfying conclusion for the most part. The majority of loose ends were tied up we had an epilogue to indicate that those who remained had happy contented lives. Could have been worse.

On the home front things aren’t exactly perfect. I spent so much time before and after the book in a different world, the real world took a back seat and the house has once again become a bit grubby. For the next few days reality bites and there is work to be done. There is real ‘news’ out there that I’ve missed… or ignored. For a start there have been floods in Middle England where my daughter and family live. I think maybe contacting them to see if they are ok might be a useful strategy 🙂

Kids are back in school and I’ve got yet another cold. Weight’s going up not down. I’m dog tired despite the pills… and I really need to sort out something drastic to get me to reduce my bulk. Other than that… well there’s just so much to do!! Life goes on. 🙂

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