I was walking thru the shops one day…

Sounds like the cue for a song!

“I was walking thru the shops one day
In the merry, merry month of July… “

Nah… doesn’t scan. Anyway, I *was* walking through some supermarket or other a few days ago and saw they had frozen turkeys on sale… leftover from Xmas probably… so I grabbed it and it’s been sitting in the fridge for four days defrosting *very* slowly. If it’s ready It’ll be in the oven tomorrow arvo. It wasn’t particularly huge, 4 kilos, but it only cost $11 so seemed like a bargain… if I don’t unwrap it and discover freezer burn etc.

Won’t do much to it except plain roast I think… maybe throw a half lemon into it to keep it moist.. and scarf it down with some roast veg and gravy. Might be nice.. like Xmas all over again… or something. 🙂

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