Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix critique

As promised… short opinion on the new Potter film the Order of the Phoenix. Got to be fair, I really enjoyed it. How short is that?? 🙂

Ok… it wasn’t 100% strictly by the book… in fact loads was left out, changed… reassigned… wrecked even… however… this *has* to be the best one of those made so far… easily. As the cliche goes… I laughed, I cried, cheered basically went through all sorts of emotions and what’s more I hope to go again on Saturday and do it all over again!!

To be honest, I went in with the trepidation of someone who has sat through that travesty they made of Goblet of Fire… hoping for the best… but expecting the worst. But really I needn’t have worried. Yes the directors and writers have hacked at the story so that in parts it’s almost unrecognizable, but the salient points *are* put across in the main… and put across excellently. Maybe from a purists point of view the film will never replace the book… well lets face it it couldn’t, so much has been left out… but as a film it was really outstanding.

Gary Oldman, Jason Isaccs, and Imelda Staunton all played great parts. Emma Watson… well she did lots of those ‘shrugs’ that seem to be the extent of her acting skills…. but Rupert Grint was outstanding in his part. He’s really a good little actor with a great career ahead of him if he wants to pursue it. Harry has had good reviews but his acting style is still a bit ‘wooden’ for me.
There was humour… and lots of it. Naturally bearing in mind the story there was a lot of violence in parts as well as ‘the death’, but there was a real feeling overall you were a part of the action rather than being assaulted by it. Good direction produced that I think!!

If I had to pick *one* outstanding cast member I’d say it was Evanna Lynch. Nearly 60 or not I know a stunner when I see one and looks like she’ll grow into a beauty. She was easily the best actress of all the ‘kids’ and produced that ‘dreamy’ quality we expected of Luna as if she was born to the part.

To sum up…. whilst the first three films were pretty good… this one, I think, knocks them all for six. In my humble opinion it is *the* best of the bunch so far. I fully intend going again on the weekend… and will be first in line at the shops when the DVD comes out.

Basically… it’s bloody magic!!

Of course, with just 8 days left to get the next book, I’ll be able to see how the series ends… and then, after 10 years following Harry’s trials and tribulations, I can relax… til the next big thing.

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