Why are things so hard sometimes?

I started revamping the Rugby Songs site… no I didn’t pass on the url… the existing site is truly awful. As part of the revamp I obviously needed a decent theme… so I found one and started reconfiguring links etc to get the basics up there, and create a template to work from as I added the content.

All was going well until I tried out the links in different browsers. In Firefox, which demands 100% compliance with the standards, all worked well. In Internet Explorer which to say the least bends the rules lot… some of it didn’t work. My problem is that the ‘some’ didn’t cause the same problems on all my machines! 🙂
One two of the three desktops, most of the site appears, and the only problem is that the links in the ‘title’ that send you back ‘home’ don’t work properly. However, on two machines… one an Wintel laptop the other a Mac Laptop… not only are there link problems with the site title… half of the title itself appears to be half missing. This is really quite silly.

I tested the site out in Firefox, Opera, and Safari and it worked perfectly in all of them. The *only* problems come from Internet Explorer… which has 98% of the users. What the hell?? Seems I have to dumb down the site in order to make it compliant with a shonky browser from the worlds number one software manufacturer!

Makes me seethe!

Anyway, if you’d like to try out the new theme (only the main page links are implemented so far) you can get to it through this link. Of course if you *must see the old site… it can be found here… but don’t say you weren’t warned!! 🙂

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