I've no 'style' at all.

I’ve just started looking at CSS properly and have just realised I need to know *far* more than I do now.

For starters it’s only just dawned on me that I need to create an external style sheet if I want to maintain consistency across multiple pages. Might seem an odd thing to ‘just discover’ since on reflection it seems as obvious as all hell.

I revamped the Talk Tidy site by using the a style sheet to create a home page, and then using *that* as a template for the other pages thus creating a measure of consistency. However it doing it this way still requires me to alter *each* page if there is a ‘cross-site amendment’ to be made.

For the new Hymns and Arias site I thought I’d dive in the deep end and do it properly. However, I didn’t start reading the book I bought ages back about how to program using CSS until after I’d made the template for the new site so now I’m faced with hacking into it to make it work as an external sheet without knowing until *after* I’ve finished whether it will be able to import the separate style sheet it incorporates. πŸ™‚

These things are sent to try us πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “I've no 'style' at all.

  1. Hah! I’d been intending to add my little book there from the time I changed to the new theme, but could never be bothered to find out how… then I found a command line I’d missed and after some fiddling there it was on display! πŸ™‚

    So I added another but yes it was seeing yours over and over that kept reminding me I ought to get it done. I doubt I’ll be selling any Harry Potter books… but what the hell… may as well give it a try. By the way… seeing *yours* without prices made me take them off mine as well πŸ˜€


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