Summer on the way?

Today was a *beautiful* spring day. The sun was shining, hardly a cloud in the sky. Temperature was perfect 🙂

I’ve had the screen doors open all day… no flies this time of year… and it’s been wonderful. Classic FM playing quietly in the background as I’ve slowly plodded on with getting one of the sites updated.

If you want a sneak preview, I’ve uploaded letters ‘A – D’ on the revamped Talk Tidy site… rest of the files to follow soon and then it’s onwards to the next! Not quite true I suppose, I have to add a forum etc to the site and try to find a theme that matches the overall look and feel… not as easy as it sounds! 🙂

More on that (and the other sites to be revamped) later!

In the meantime, like I said, it’s a nice day so I’m taking the kids… ice skating again. Maybe I’ll go sit in the gym on a bike and read my books of CSS while I pedal 😀

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