Another bad night!

Seems I’m not fated to get a good nights sleep. Apart from the diet going totally awol, I’ve now sunk back into a morass of depression and sleepless nights.

Clearly *something* is feeding of something else and causing all this, but I’m at a loss to work out what’s going wrong. Am I eating because I’m tired? Tired because I’m depressed? Depressed because of the eating?? Who knows… cos I don’t.

Either way the end result is I’m back getting heavier, doing less and less and feeling like crud. Something has to be done and I’ve begun to feel that ‘something’ out to go out and see if I can organise a lap-band.

Now this *is* a drastic solution but I can’t see an alternative… short of voluntarily locking myself away in a ‘fat farm’ for several months… and even if I could afford it I think I’d hate being away from the family that long.

So… it’s a call to the docs and make an appt for the wife and I to go and discuss the options. Right now I can’t see any… it’s that or die. And I know which I’d prefer!

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