Almost there!

As I said earlier, I’ve been working quietly on updating the old site and have almost completed it. All I really need now is a new ‘links’ page and to tidy up a few loose bits of code… and then it’ll be done.

I’ve been feeling quite pleased with myself. The old site is still there right now of course, but will be gone in a day or two. Smiley

This site is *much* ‘cleaner’ in appearance and does away with the CMS that hogs so much of the site space/bandwidth allocation. Also much more importantly, the navigation system works under FireFox now which it didn’t previously. I’ll be removing a lot of ugly unproductive advertising, a gallery, forum, news source etc so I hope it will attract a better class of visitor… as if Cheesy

Anyway… another couple of hours poking about and I can move on to another site. And about time too!!

The ‘sneak preview’ link is still active in the previous post but the entire alphabet is up there now and most of the other links are active so if you want to look and give me some feedback… please do! 🙂

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