Danger in the UK

Things are again beginning to look rough in the UK. Having lived through the worst of the IRA bombings the British are now faced with the threat of Islamic militants increasing their terror activities. Bombs were found ready to go a few days ago and now a car filled with petrol tries to ram Glasgow airport.

I’m not sure what the point was of attacking Glasgow… it’s not exactly the centre of UK life after all. Maybe they though that was the point, perhaps the attackers felt it would be less secure a target than other places. Who knows… I can’t begin to work out what the hell would be going through the minds of people who try to harm so many other people for no obvious reason.

Still, with all the natural problems the UK has currently with floods etc you’d think they had enough on their minds without this new threat to life and limb.

In the meantime the threat level has been raised to ‘Critical’ which means there is a view that more attacks are not only planned but are imminent. People will just have to be watchful, even at the risk of inflaming already tense relationships between Muslims and everyone else. Which of course is precisely what the terrorists want.

All this divisiveness is a sad state of affairs 😦

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