Moving on up.

Me move? Nah… too old and fat.

The wife on the other hand managed to wangle a lunch with Julia Gillard who is the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party. She spent lunch sitting next to her discussing amongst other things, her Welsh origins! No idea what else they talked about… something trivial like the party’s stance on Industrial Relations or some-such…

Julia Gillard Seems she was born in Barry, South Wales about 3 years or so before the wife. However she moved here with the family in 1966 so with the best will in the world I doubt she’d remember much about her old home 🙂

It’d be nice to think Julia would remember her in a few days… weeks… months etc… but realistically without some ongoing reinforcement that might be asking a bit much. Still, it’s something to talk about 🙂

Now I come to think about it… she bears a surprising facial similarity to Reba McEntire… or not.

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