Sucked in again – newsgroups rule..

Yes… I’ve been sucked back into the magical world of Harry Potter… if it hasn’t become obvious. I’ve been re-reading the books, watching the movies (as bad as most of them have been) and chatting away on the newsgroup.

I really don’t have enough time to be doing this, but maybe it’s just some escapism taking place to avoid my humdrum boring life and plunge myself into another virtual world where it’s all going on, but there’s no real danger. Who knows.

For anyone who’s never been a part of usenet or just fancies reading one of the hundreds of thousands of newsgroups out there, you can either access them via a dedicated newsreader (and news server) as I do with a program called Agent… or you can get at them via Google Groups which I’ve linked the newsgroup names to.

Personally I think you lose a lot using Google Groups… but if you just want to look or maybe post one or two messages it’s there for you.

If you use Agent (there *is* a free version!!) then you need to know the name of your ISP news server, or pay for access to a private one (do a Google search… there are lots out there).

If you feel like visiting and joining in the fun… please do. 🙂

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