The Not so Simple Life

With one of the stars of The Simple Life already behind bars (Paris Hilton) we are now watching the other part of the duo beginning *her* court case for driving whilst drinking.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie is up in court for a second time on a DUI charge. This time she’s facing a mandatory 90 day jail term, and bearing in mind what happened to her friend, is unlikely to get off this time.

From accounts I’ve read, public opinion has turned well against the airhead bimbo brigade who seem to think that because they are ‘celebrities’ they can flout any and all of society’s rules. This is a mistaken premise and they are about to learn that the hard way.

I feel more sorry for Nicole than Paris because her start in life was far harder… nevertheless she *has* lived a lifestyle most of us will never attain and she needs to learn that with privilege comes responsibility.

Still… I hope she copes better than Paris (who seemed to have a total breakdown in prison)… and comes back a new person with a new ethic.

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