Money for old rope?

We’d all like some… me especially. As regulars know last year I tried to sort out some online finance only to have the bank account hacked twice and lost all the profits… which sort of put me off it. However, one source of income has continued to trickle a few dollars in here and there until it mounted up to a reasonable sum… certainly not one to complain over… and that was from Google Adsense.

Simple enough concept. You put Google ads on your site. People see things that interest them, and click on them. You get paid on a ‘per click’ basis. Easy as eh?

True you don’t make a fortune unless you have thousands of regular visitors.. with a lot who remember to click on your ads… but still it *is* an income of sorts. Thing is you aren’t supposed to *ask* people to click. If you do you contravene the terms and conditions which could result in your account… and funds… being frozen!

So what am I rambling on about? Well… I’d really appreciate it if you would visit one of the other sites… especially Talk Tidy or The Online Dictionary of Slang and see if any of the ads interest you enough to click on them. If you could spare 30 secs of your online time doing that it’d be much appreciated… it might only be 10c a time but it mounts up slowly.

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