Lost – one PDA :)

Yet again this morning I realised I’d mislaid the PDA. Naturally panic ensued as I tried to recall just where the hell I could have left it.

Turned out to be lying next to the bed.

I realised once I’d found it what had happened. Yesterday morning (Sunday), whilst we were having a well overdue lie-in, the idiot dog (Stupid) decided to jump on me. In so doing it got its front leg caught up in my cpap tube and almost pulled my face off đŸ™‚ In the process the PDA must have fallen off since it was standing on the machine. It’s really useful since I not only use it as our morning alarm… but also use it as a torch at night if I have to wander off to the loo. It’s really bright!!

So, it needed a quite soft reboot and away it went. Currently it’s plugged in charging quietly.

I like my PDA đŸ™‚

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