Safari for Windows (beta)

Downloaded this new port from Apple to test it out. Sadly it was a bit of a disaster since when it loaded all I got was a screen… some jpg’s… and no text nor ability to enter any… not even a url.

I went to the Apple support group and discovered I wasn’t alone. Seems the beta really hadn’t been tested anywhere near adequately enough before its release. Sad really since it might actually be a good competitor for Internet Explorer and FireFox. It is after all the browser of choice for the larger majority of Apple users who look for alternatives to Microsoft et al.

There were a few ideas about how it may be made to work. These ideas included copying the fonts to the Windows fonts directory and deleting the safari.resources directory then rebooting. Well I did that several times but it only worked when I did something else… trouble is I can’t quite remember what!! Either way even tho the text boxes worked well enough to let me post a bug report to Apple, the browser still refused to render properly a lot of the sites I visited. In the end I gave up.

Maybe the next release of the software will be an improvement but at this moment I wouldn’t suggest anyone try it… for this iteration of the software development cycle it really isn’t worth the effort .

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