Back comes the car.

The wife took a day off travelling to work at home today which meant she was here to pick up the car with me. We thought some of the time she usually spends on the train could be put to better purpose so off we went.

Car was ready of course, but did I get any kind of an apology from either Chrysler *or* Lincorp? Did I heck. They just asked us to wait while they located the keys… which they’d lost… and goodbye. Charming. Like I said they are trying to redefine the word ‘service’.

But it’s here and not before time either. The Subaru Liberty we hired is ok as an emergency vehicle but it’s got nothing like the quality build or safety features of the Voyager. To be fair to it, it is *loaded* with features that make it one of, if not *the* safest car of its type on the road!

Actually we might well need those features today. The weather is pretty dire for a change. No blue skies for us, just wind, and rain, with occasional heavy showers 🙂 Not complaining tho. We need the rain very badly and if nothing else it made me get on with the cleaning. We very nearly have one room in the house in which you could believe people can live… nearly.

It’s very aggravating that the Voyager is almost exactly what I want out of a car. I’d love to be able to tell Chrysler where they can insert the thing… and would even gladly supply the lubricant to help it on its way… but it is *such* a useful utility.

Unless Toyota or one of the other manufacturers of ‘people movers’ can produce something of equal quality and configuration we might, once this lease period is up, end up having to grit our teeth and replace it with another one. We’ll see. In the meantime I may as well stop sulking and enjoy it… while it works 🙂

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