Bindi back on track.

The late Steve Irwin’s little daughter Bindi Sue Irwin has been voted the ‘Favourite Face of Australian Tourism‘.

What this mini-wildlife-warrior thinks of this hasn’t been reported but seeing her with her trademark grin at the NY Press Club the other day you have to say ’she’s back’.

Bindi Grindi
Not that she’s really been away as such, just that the publicity machine has given her a little time to breathe since her fathers tragic death last year.

Anyway, it’d be good to see that face grinning from posters everywhere. She’s a nice little kid, confident and self-assured without the usual arrogance that fame can produce in young celebrities.Terri and Steve did a great job keeping her grounded and she’s really turned into a great little trouper.

Wherever Steve is I’ll bet he’s as proud as any dad can be that his kid is making a mark on the world… even at 9 years old.

She’s got my vote.

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