Frankie Howerd

I liked Frankie Howerd… my mother wasn’t too fussed. She met him once in a lift in London and decided his greenish grey pallor was a sign he wasn’t a healthy man… this was only about 40 years before he died… psychic or what 😀

Still he *was* a funny guy hwen he was given the chance to be. He was ‘big’ on the radio in my young youth (1950’s or so) as a foil for a ventriloquists dummy… tho the sense of having a ventriloquist on the radio was still beyond my understanding then *and* now.

Frankie Howerd

By the 60’s his star had dimmed… yet suddenly up he popped on TV again! Seems he’d been a smash hit in ‘Beyond the Fringe’ and was given a guest spot on That Was the Week That Was… a.k.a. TW3. He was great and his comeback was cemented with the long running and very smutty ‘SitCom’ in which he played Lurcio in one form or another until he died 😀

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