St John's Wort

Found some in the cupboard the otehr day… I think the wife took it for a while when she was recovering from her thryroid operation but decided she didn’t need it eventually and stopped taking it.

Anyway, feeling like crap as I have been I decided to knock a few back… one three times a day to be exact. What a difference! Within two days I was almost back to my old self. Quite amazing! Is it the ‘placebo’ effect? Who knows… or cares if it works??

I’m now back working on the websites, been out of the house for the first time in weeks, and back in the gym (tho not as much as I should be) but it’s a start.Next step back to the docs to get some more formula for the diet and we get back on the hard path.

I’ve also restarted the glucosamine, the fish oil and the vitamin tabs… they may or may not work but I’d rather take the chance they *will* than the opposite. Ah well… back to it 🙂

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