The photo book.

My youngest daughter kindly bought me a book called “One Photo a Day – for 100 days”. The idea being, obviously, to add 100 photos to the book one for each day. I tried to make a start yesterday but found a problem fairly quickly. What was the problem? I found… I had no appropriate … More The photo book.

Back to basics.

The blog is supposed to be what the name suggests… a ‘weblog, i.e. a form of electronic diary where you can store ideas, notes memories and items of personal interest. I tend to forget tho that this is why it’s here and ramble off in all sorts of other directions that have little to do … More Back to basics.

Images… again.

Seems the phone app will become very useful just by itself, with or without voice! I can be out and about, take a picture, and as can be seen the “Ouch” post below, immediately upload it to a blog post. Nice.


Visited a dermatologist this arvo for him to take a look at a brown ‘stain’ on my face. He said it is seborrhoeic keratosis both benign and harmless. Then he asked if I’d like him to try to reduce the size and colour by freezing it. I said yes. He said it might sting. He … More Ouch.

It’s a start.

Found I already had the WordPress app on my phone. I have no clue yet if I can make the phone type to the page using voice, but I ordered a foldable keyboard to use with it if the thing can’t do it… or more likely when I can’t work out how to do it. … More It’s a start.