Go Christina!!

Our best wishes are sent for a speedy recovery to Christina Applegate, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My memories of her are mostly from her role as the ditzy kid ‘Kelly Bundy’ from Married with Children and this is perhaps her best known role, at least for most males around the globe. Kelly was the … More Go Christina!!

Vale Randy Pausch

To add to the mixed news in today’s blog entries, we have to pass on news of the sad if inevitable death of Dr. Randy Pausch. Some of you may remember Dr Pausch who made headlines a while back when, suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer, he made a life affirming lecture on September 18, 2007 … More Vale Randy Pausch

Sick as a Dog

Sorry to report that I’m still suffering with the flu I didn’t mention I had. I came down with the Australian version of the lurgy a couple of weeks ago and I’ve gone steadily downhill since. Strangely even before it arrived I knew it was on the way. Over the many years of my life … More Sick as a Dog


As usual when having a mid-morning cuppa, I was perusing the online version of one of the local rags. In this case it was the Sydney Morning Herald and saw for the first time a section at the bottom right of the page entitled’ Videos’. Nothing much being in the news I went to have … More Sexperts!

Alzheimer's Test?

I lifted this from the pages of the UK Daily Mail and it purports to be a ‘test’ anyone can take to determine if they have Alzheimer’s Disease. Basically you answer the questions below and if you say yes to one or more… go talk to your doctor.. Well that’s all very well and good… … More Alzheimer's Test?