Qantas for sale?

It would appear that the wife will be leaving Qantas at just the right time. Moves are afoot that might see a onsortium of Australian and foreign venture capitalists to purchase up to 49% of the company giving them effective control. The shares have climbed from a low of $2.95 earlier in the year to … More Qantas for sale?

Well there's good news and there's bad news…

The good news? That’s that ProfitProInvesting *did* pay out. The bad news? Well after all the reinvesting I did… it finally paid out $19.50… from my initial stake of $20! ๐Ÿ˜€ The stats of the page read as follows after I withdrew the $19:50 balance.: Account Balance: $0.00 Earned Total: $50.50 Active Deposit: $5.00 ร‚ … More Well there's good news and there's bad news…

P-Day won't be long.

Slowly but surely the newest programs are approaching their ‘pay days’. The ‘test deposit in ProfitProInvesting matures on the 9th, and the income from Wired Surf at the end of next week. So far apart from the odd dollar or two I’ve received from programs such as the paid email provider GainPay, I’ve not done … More P-Day won't be long.


Edit: Left this intact to show what an idiot even the best of us can be :D. Despite my recommendation… … this site has collapsed andร‚ left people owedร‚ money. As usual they swear they *will* come back an pay us… but I think I can say my $40 has gone for good. If they … More New HYIP

Show me the money!

That’s all I’m asking… where is the *proof* the things pay out! Well right now I can’t give you any as I’m waiting on payments etc *and* intend to compound the income recycling it back through the accounts immediately in order to maximise the profit. This is a reasonable strategy in some instances, e.g. when … More Show me the money!

So… it starts!

Starts? Yup… ‘invested’ in a couple of online investment programs to see what happens. This is a risky business so I’ll not be too specific until they actually pay out… one is supposed to pay out in two days so hardly a long wait… the other in a month. Keep watching the space… if either … More So… it starts!