How embarrassment…

Over the last few months the oldies have been here we’ve had repeated fun at the old mans expense. Occasionally he uses a walking stick and when he is getting the old lady out of the car he is wont to rest it on the roof of the car until we move off. Now and then he forgets it’s there… we drive off… and the stick falls in the road. So far we’ve heard it each time and stopped to collect it.

From now on the laugh will be on me.

Today the oldies booked themselves in at the local hairdressers for a lunchtime appointment, so we piled into the car and set off. I’d been concerned the wheelchair wouldn’t fit into the back of the Tarago but in it slid and off we went. No problem.

We get to the junction opposite the hairdresser and pull away across the road… and the back door opens… and the wheelchair falls out landing in the middle of the junction! Embarrassing isn’t the word.

Luckily no cars were immediately behind us so no harm no foul… but as I said to the guy who smirked at me as I collected it, it was lucky nobody was in it eh…. ?? Will I ever live it down I wonder?? 😀

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