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Chronology… not fixed.

Please don’t read this blog with the idea that the posts and the timeline will be in any way linear. I expect to hop about from time period to time period and place to place as the fancy takes me. Current affairs, i.e. my life as it is, will be mixed in with life as it was. Basically, I just have the urge to write down what’s in my mind when I open the blog.

Also, sad to say, my memory isn’t what it was (if it ever was what it was – see earlier post) and apart from the issues highlighted earlier, I may actually duplicate events in multiple posts… hopefully without too many paradoxes and contradictions. 🙂

So – just what is an ‘aside’.

To be quite honest I can see no real use for them, not in this blog anyway. Why? Because it appears above the previous post and ‘in-line’ so effectively… it’s another post. Maybe there’ll be a use for it eventually, maybe as a place put additional information not included or immediately relevant to the post it’s related to… right now tho pretty useless.


On the theme of ‘what to post’.

Most successful blogs have a purpose, i.e. a reason for their existence that makes people come again and again to visit them, join, and leave comments. Problem is, I don’t feel that strongly about any single issue. I have no in-depth hobbies to discuss, nor do play online games or pretend towards any kind of philosophical or academic pretensions. Pretty much I’m just… me. So I think this blog will just have to be a bit of an eclectic mish-mash of personal information, ideas and opinions, and general news, i.e. political, social and technical!

If this sort of thing is of interest to you, welcome aboard. If not, well sorry for wasting your time. 😀

Back again.

I figured, what the hell. I’m here now, upgraded the software, fiddled with the settings so why not write something. But there’s the rub. As with nearly any other blog written by a halfway normal person what *do* I write??

I could start with a joke… if I knew any. Or maybe I could do what I do best… i.e. ramble! To be honest I figure that ‘rambling’ is my best bet. If there was an Olympic event, I reckon I could ramble for Australia and get the gold… or better if they ever put a platinum medal. 🙂


Well… it’s like this. I’ve abandoned my other blog, redirected the domain to my forum at Australian Opinion and decided it might be a good idea to use *this* site as the ‘new’ blog.

Obviously, it’s been here quite some time, but has rarely been ‘used in anger’ so I think perhaps it’s time to start. So let’s see how it goes eh?? 🙂

Hello world!

So another new Blog. Why? Good question. The answer is that I’m cheesed off with all the other forms of communication I’ve had access to and had a ‘spare’ domain doing little. I *had* been messing with it for some time trying to create a photo blog but in the end I gave up on it… so here we are.