Daily Archives: April 3, 2017

Fed up with Facebook?

Me too! Not because of the lack of ‘privacy’, or them being able to capitalise on our personal information and buying preferences, but more because it’s so *addictive*. In addition it ‘captures’ you. Once all your friends and family are using it you’ve really got no other choice than to use the program or miss a lot of what’s happening in your world.

Still, I’ve at least made a start by resurrecting the blog. I had another one for years but it was more of a repository for ‘opinion’ than a more general one like this.

I wonder already how easy it will be to move between platforms when next to nothing I write will be seen by anyone except myself. Actually, I might not even tell many friends and family about it. This blog is more personal and I’m not sure I want them to read it anyway. Maybe I’ll just post ‘opinions’ over there on FB and keep this for the personal stuff?? Open-mouthed smile

Money makes the world go around.

So here we are living in a beautiful part of the world with acres of ground, orchards growing all sorts of fruit and a theoretical source of income from 10 acres of hazelnut and olive trees and yet… no *real* actual cash income. Unfortunately over the last 30+ years I’ve been totally spoiled with the wife earning a huge salary and being able to pretty much spend what I liked on whatever I liked so now, with no income at all, I’m feeling the stress a little. Aha thought I, so go get a job!! Well I obviously *have* worked in the past on occasion, most recently for IBM via Manpower as a customer complaints agent. Great job, with low pay and no regard from anyone but lots of fun. However, that was some time ago and since then have remained a ‘house spouse’.

In this part of the world however jobs of any sort are hard enough to find for young people and even more so for those of us of ‘advanced years’. The ideal of course would be to find a job that requires only access to the internet. That would suit me down to the ground, but of course *finding* that job is the problem. No doubt out there somewhere is the ideal job but as always how to locate it and sell myself to a prospective employer?? Right now these are unanswerable questions. I’m doing ‘research’ (necessarily online) but so far have come up with nothing. It’s not really urgent right now and I would assume (rightly or wrongly) that even with a nominal farm we’d still be eligible for some sort of state pension if our income dried up completely. I’ll be looking and asking questions but… who knows?