Daily Archives: March 28, 2017

Discovered a new old favourite!

A long time ago when I was blogging regularly on my “Opinion Australia” site, I used to use a handy little program released by Microsoft as part of their ‘Live’ suite. As is usual with MS they decided to make dramatic u-turns and after some huffing and puffing decided to make this part of the suite ‘open source’. The result has been the creation of Open Live Writer which has all the functionality of the original, and more. Essentially it allows you to use time when you are out of reach of wifi, more common than you might think, two write blog posts and upload them when you get home, or uni, to work or maybe to o free hotspot!

This is the first post I’m making using the new software but I’m already pleasantly surprised with how it functions. For me of course it’s going to be *really* useful because our internet connection is almost permanently throttled down to 128kps… ridiculous in the 21st century but that’s what we’re stuck with out in the bush.

So. That’s all for now. This is really a ‘taster’ post so no pictures, no funnies, just a hmmm… this is nice! Open-mouthed smile