Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

To market, to market…

I think I might have mentioned already that the ‘harvest’ this year will be minimal to non-existent. We have a few olives in brine ready to pack and sell but otherwise the farm produced little in the way of the hazelnuts and olives that should provide our living.This throws us out onto our own resources so we sat down, thought a bit, and decided I could make lots of pickles, jams, chutneys and the like to sell at local markets until we had a decent harvest of the other produce.

Since then I’ve been working slowly towards creating a variety of products, tho necessarily in small batches. They have to be small because we don’t have that much fruit from the orchard to process! We had quite a few Nashi pears, Damsons, Conference Pears and a lot of plums but not really in commercial quantities. Still, we have *some* things to sell.

Another challenge has been the labelling. Apart from having exactly *no* experience or expertise in producing the pickles etc *(so have to play it by ear), I also have no knowledge of *labelling* either which is making the entire process both time consuming and *very* frustrating! Ok it’s a learning curve I have to climb… and a steep one at that, but in all honesty I can say it wasn’t high on my ‘bucket list’ of “things I want to do before I die”. Even now I’m prevaricating. I managed to make some form of label for most of the jars, at least for the front so people know what they’re buying, but I’m yet to compete the backs. It’s a legal requirement to have nutritional labelling on the jars etc so I have little choice but do it, nevertheless it *is* a struggle.  😀

Lorst ma dawg!!

Had a massive thunderstorm the other day whilst we were in the local town. Got home to find one of the dogs, Wolfie, had disappeared. We got his as a ‘rescue dog’ from the local pound and he’s been a great companion for the year or so he’s been with us. Unfortunately like many other dogs, he’s scared of thunderstorms and whilst he manages when we’re there… when we *aren’t* and he’s locked outside, he bolts


He’s done it before but came back an hour or two after things had quietened down. This time however he was gone overnight. Got to admit I was seriously worried about him and got quite depressed at the thought of him out there in the wilds, soaked through, bitten by snakes, spiders or paralysis ticks and us unable to help. Living where are is wonderful but there are drawbacks. Our own plot is nearly 65 acres of bush and there is even more surrounding us! Anyone, or anything, that ventures too far in could well get lost!!

My daughters both suggested laying his blanket out on the fence so he could follow his own smell home. We both thought this was silly as if he couldn’t find the scent of our Alpacas, geese and chickens etc why would his own scent be any more use?? Anyway, as a last resort we did hang the blanket out. Two hours later, and after over thirty hours of worry, he padded into the sitting room and sat down. So *was* it the blanket?? Or was it all coincidental?? You decide.  😀