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And time moved on…

So we sold the old house and moved. Currently we’re in a ‘rental’ but we’ve put an offer in for a 65 acres organic nut farm in the south of NSW. We’ll move once contracts are signed sealed and delivered. We figure about 8 weeks and then… life starts anew (we hope).

The Curse.

There is something strange about this house. Well, I *think* it’s the house, it could, of course, be me that’s the problem but that’s a *way* bigger issue than I want to cope with right now and the implications are more horrendous than I want to consider.

So, moving on, why do I think the house is cursed? Just to begin, perhaps I should tell you that the previous two owners of the property (immediately before us) both had serious issues that forced them to sell. The first of the two we know about, was a building company  called “Gentry Homes” … ho went bankrupt and had to close down. The place was then bought by a couple called ‘Batty’. Well, that might have been a clue but, nevertheless, they opened a couple of fishing/sports supply shops and… yes… went bankrupt. To try to get finance the husband relocated to Indonesia, but when there he got involved with another woman and, they split up. With no money the property began to get *very* run down and eventually they were forced into what was, for them, a fire sale.

We turned up with a bucket of money from the sale of our ‘old’ house in Rouse Hill, bought it (for what I still considered a hundred thousand dollars over the natural price) and set about renovating the entire place. Assuming this was a forever house we started at the far end of the circle intending to work out way around to the main house. Which we did.

We had the usual run of things going wrong, as you do when you renovate, but we also lost some stock… for example two lovely Alpacas, two beautiful geese, and about 30 really lovely chickens that were so friendly. Actually, they were just the sorts of things that could happen to anyone in the country, but they were a ‘taster’, the *really* bad stuff came later. To begin with, my daughter’s behaviour suddenly began to slide downhill. She’d always been ‘difficult’ but her behaviour deteriorated so severely that we were forced to seek help from a number of professionals but… to no avail.

The sequence of events was pretty sad in itself. The stress, compounded by 60 years of bad eating and little exercise compounded to send me to the hospital to get 4 stents. After they were inserted I was told to take anti-coagulants, (i.e. blood thinners) and they caused an existing oesophageal ulcer to ‘burst’ sending me back to the hospital. Whilst I was there, my daughter took her own life. We had no idea she was so badly disturbed, nor have we ever found out what pushed her over the edge. I blame myself, but I suppose that’s what all parents do when faced with something personally horrific and inexplicable. Even finding her was a fluke because I shouldn’t have been ‘mobile’… yet something drew me to where she’d killed herself and I found her.

That was the worst of all the things that have happened but there have been other things. For example, we needed to get the pool area tiled as we were renovating it so asked the son of a friend of ours (both of whom are tilers.) to do the job. As it turned out he was not only short of work, but needed somewhere to live so we let him use the old house on the property for no rent on the understanding he’d work to renovate it and we’d pay the going rate for his actual work on the pool. Well to cut a long story short he *also* began to slide downhill to the extent that one day he simply downed tools, walked off the job and never came back… leaving all his tools behind!

Shortly afterwards my wife lost her job. No job means no income. No income means no mortgage payments… and trouble.

Well, she managed to get a consulting role three days a week at Cochlear which was enough to keep body and soul together as long as we took things a little easier. So it was with some dismay that we learned that she had a tumour on her pituitary gland. She’s due to be operated on next week (more on that soon as well) but while she’s off work… no sick pay so more stress.

This last setback has finally ‘pushed us over the edge’  and so, much as we love living here, we just have to move and give it all away. From one perspective I’ll be really sad to leave the place, but from another I want to move before something even *worse* happens for example that *we* end up bankrupt like those two previous owners!!. 🙁

If we get our asking price we might walk away with some dignity and enough cash to set ourselves up somewhere far away, South Australia maybe. Otherwise… who knows.


Well, I couldn’t find the netbook and I have no idea where it is either! I’ll just have to use one of the other old notebooks I bought for the kids and they ‘outgrew’. The problem with them is that the batteries on all of them are pretty much shot to pieces and it costs as much to replace the batteries as a new machine… crazy isn’t it.

Anyway, I have to empty the office ready for the big move so I may yet find the damn thing. 🙂

Gone a bit quiet.

Still a bit worried about Deb who sees the neurosurgeon this arvo at 3:30. She’s got no more symptoms as far as she’s aware anyway but there is still ‘growth’ so… well who knows.

As for the other things I want to talk about or write about, not really sure. The initial urge has diminished a little but it’s still something that needs to be done. Part of the problem is that I need to write when I need to write, but the desktop is too big and the laptop has a dreadful battery life. The answer which came to me as I typed… is to use the Netbook I bought last year but hardly use!

I think it’s time to go searching around the office to dig it out sand tuck it in my bag!! 🙂

In the meantime I have to go shopping for Week two of the ‘Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation’ (12WBT) but I really need to both weight myself *and* do the exercises. My leg is a lot better so I need to focus.

Today is an ‘H-Day’ for us.

Last October the wife had dual cataract operations. She already has Glaucoma and this we felt was just another load to carry. However, since November, she’s noticed the sight of her left eye was deteriorating significantly. Because of this, we visited her consultant on Monday morning for him to investigate. After discovering she had a badly damaged optic nerve she was sent for an urgent MRI, which she had on Tuesday.

Tuesday evening we had a call from the consultants secretary asking her to come in urgently so we’re off today at 12:30 to see what’s wrong.

There are a few options of course, and none pretty. There is the obvious possibility of pressure on the nerve cutting off blood supply, i.e. a tumour… which may or may not be benign and, also, may or may not be operable. Or there are the  demyelinating diseases (such as Multiple Sclerosis) which are not quite as dangerous immediately but have long term life consequences. She has already reported to the doctor having a ‘numb’ feeling in her foot… which in itself isn’t an issue, but in combination with the eye issue raises questions.

Those are worst case scenarios of course but as far as I can see there would be no reason for us to be called in urgently if there was no good reason… i.e. something needs to be fixed *now*. We’re all rather worried.

ADT Security -where are they??

Not at all sure I’d recommend these guys to anyone. We have ‘back to base’ reporting etc… mostly wireless… but I can’t say their other services are up to scratch. We’ve made two appointments for a service call… at their request. The first one they missed. Naturally that said we weren’t home, or didn’t answer the bell etc which is rubbish because out dogs bark at the sight of a butterfly let alone a visitor and I’d have heard them. The also said they’d rung and left a message, which they didn’t because I *had* no message on my phone! We rag to remake the appointment and they are due today between 9:00 a.m. and mid-day. Currently the time is 11:35 a.m.and they’ve not arrived, nor have they rung to say they’d be on time, or more importantly… late. Not happy!!

Well it’s gone mid-day now and no sign of them and no phone call. I’ll have to ring.

Edit: Seems they wrote the date down as 5th not 4th… even with *my* hearing I couldn’t mix up ‘fourth’ and ‘fifth’. There ya go… that’s what happens when you argue with call centre staff. Next appt is the afternoon of May 16th… I don’t know why I bother!! It’s time to start looking around for a new provider.