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Gone a bit quiet.

Still a bit worried about Deb who sees the┬áneurosurgeon this arvo at 3:30. She’s got no more symptoms as far as she’s aware anyway but there is still ‘growth’ so… well who knows.

As for the other things I want to talk about or write about, not really sure. The initial urge has diminished a little but it’s still something that needs to be done. Part of the problem is that I need to write when I need to write, but the desktop is too big and the laptop has a dreadful battery life. The answer which came to me as I typed… is to use the Netbook I bought last year but hardly use!

I think it’s time to go searching around the office to dig it out sand tuck it in my bag!! ­čÖé

In the meantime I have to go shopping for Week two of the ‘Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation’ (12WBT) but I really need to both weight myself *and* do the exercises. My leg is a lot better so I need to focus.

Today is an ‘H-Day’ for us.

Last October the wife had dual cataract operations. She already has Glaucoma and this we felt was just another load to carry. However, since November, she’s noticed the sight of her left eye was deteriorating significantly. Because of this, we visited her consultant on Monday morning for him to investigate. After discovering she had a badly damaged optic nerve she was sent for an urgent MRI, which she had on Tuesday.

Tuesday evening we had a call from the consultants secretary asking her to come in urgently so we’re off today at 12:30 to see what’s wrong.

There are a few options of course, and none pretty. There is the obvious possibility of pressure on the nerve cutting off blood supply, i.e. a tumour… which may or may not be benign and, also, may or may not be operable. Or there are the┬á demyelinating diseases (such as Multiple Sclerosis) which are not quite as dangerous immediately but have long term life consequences. She has already reported to the doctor having a ‘numb’ feeling in her foot… which in itself isn’t an issue, but in combination with the eye issue raises questions.

Those are worst case scenarios of course but as far as I can see there would be no reason for us to be called in urgently if there was no good reason… i.e. something needs to be fixed *now*. We’re all rather worried.


On the evening of Sunday 24th we had a bonfire. Beautiful fire but I managed to fall over a lump of tree trunk that we use for ‘occasional’ seating. The wood is roughly shin height so all 130 kilos of me went down in a face plant… ‘across’ my shins, damaging both legs.

No damage to most of me but my left shin was badly bruised and the right got a deep graze. I say ‘deep’ but as there’s next to no flesh on that part of the leg deep means bad.

I went back to the house, with lumps on each shin the size of Popey’s biceps. A cold compress helped a little but despite a wipe down with antiseptic and a dressing, the ongoing pain meant I had to go to the doctor on Tuesday (Monday was ANZAC Day). Once there I was given a script for antibiotics, told I might have ‘oedema of the bone marrow’ (which may or may not be serious – I wouldn’t know) and off I went. Three days later and to me at least it feels *worse* not better.

Since I’m that way inclined, I looked up a variety of ailments and rediscovered cellulitis (which I’ve had before) and decided I may have it again. Treatment is with antibiotics, but so far the ones I have seem not to be as effective as I’d have hoped.

If it doesn’t improve over the weekend, I’m going to go back to the GP on Monday or Tuesday and asking for further advice or treatment. However, I’m currently sitting in a recliner with my leg up considering calling the surgery for an appointment today. Really not sure whether to let it ride or wait it out. The medication has only had a couple of days so… ?? ­čÖü