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Nice ‘ere innit?

Had to go to Bega Hospital this morning for an x-ray. We can ignore the 2.5 hour round trip as an inconvenience because it can’t be helped, it’s one of the little niggles of living in an area with such a small population. Anyway, as I was driving along I was reminded time and time again how beautiful it is to live in this area. There was a lot of low cloud today misting up the mountainsides and valleys and giving the whole area a romantic look.

Sadly I was on a main road so couldn’t just stop to take photos but here are a couple I took few days ago of the area immediately outside our front gate… now I’m asking myself why the image is so small. There are times I hate computers. 🙂



Oh… I see. it’s only after it’s been published is the expanded version available. Makes sense I suppose. Either way not the best of pictures and doesn’t really display what I saw today. Next time maybe.