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What outcome on the income?

The obvious problem with leaving a well paid job and moving away from the sort of company liable to employ you in a similar role is that you end up in a situation where you have no income. So in those circumstances what do you do?

If you said ‘panic’ I’m right there with you. Well I sort of was but again obviously, that couldn’t last and we had to start trying to make sense of our situation.

To begin with we had bought a nut farm so our first step was to check the potential harvest. Wonderful. We’d arrived in a drought period and there were no nuts. To add to our delight we discovered out olive trees cropped biennially… and we were in the wrong year. More joy.

Something needed to be done and the answer was simple… no, not to panic again but to make something. With that as our inspiration we set out to creat things ‘farmy’ that we could sell at local markets until the nuts and olives fruited etc.. Over tha opast few weeks we’ve set to making pickles, jams and chutney’s, bottling them and preparing ourselves to set our stall up (literally) in local markets.

I should point out here than we have as much experience in creating, bottling and selling pickles, jams and chutneys as we do farming, in other words none. More on that in the next post and probably the next twenty-five or so!!

The ‘big move’.

We’ve come up with a plan… a cunning plan at that! We have to move. Deb’s employment is gone and this house is clearly cursed (more on that later). This means we *really* need to move to regain some sort of financial and emotional stability. The past few years have been appalling and it’s time to simply call it quits and pull up roots. We’ve located a place outside Adelaide that looks to be suitable. Three bedroomed house on 20 acres!!. If the place sells for our asking price, we might have enough to pay for our new house outright. This leads us on to the real plan.

So we should have a house paid for. If Deb can’t find a job in Adelaide we’ll manage on unemployment or part-time work and live quietly. If she *does* find work then this is where the clever part of the plan comes it to play. We save… and save… and save… for three years. Towards the end of the three years, we buy two strong containers, put them on blocks somewhere sensible and fill them with our furniture. Oops… let’s backtrack as little. Before we pack up the furniture we buy a caravan and a decent car to tow it. We test out our ability to live long term in the van and… hopefully… all will work out well. We can practice driving around the property to learn how to reverse, tow, park etc so we’re ready for the open road!

It’s *then* we pack up the furniture and other gear into the containers so that we can set off on our adventure!

The general idea is that we rent out the house and that income, along with the income from the Brissie house, would be enough to keep us mobile… approx $1000 or so monthly (maybe up to $2000). We do this for as long as we feel fit and active enough to do it and then when we decide we’ve had enough, we get off the road and settle down in either of the two houses. In between times we have capital growth so we’re not losing out… much. Effectively someone else will be paying us to go on an extended holiday!

As I said, the timeline for this move is three years so by the time the wife is 55, and I’ll be 72… we’ll be set to go. I’m not fit for much now so I’ll not be up for physical work anyway by then but who knows, I might just manage to lose some weight and get fit. 🙂

There is much planning to do between now and then, and it all hangs on Deb getting a job with a decent salary, but we are being positive. At the very *least* we’ll leave the trauma of living here behind us and move on with our lives. It’ll be sad to leave Karmah and Leuca behind, but I’m sure they’ll understand one way or another.

The MRI results are in!

Got to the consultant at lunchtime having picked up the wife’s scans. By the time we arrived I was *sure* the results were going to say Multiple Sclerosis so I sat down in the office and waited. The ‘eye guy’ did a preamble making sure we understood what was wrong wasn’t his fault… and then explained what was wrong.

Seems she has a pituitary macroadenoma with a haemorrhage. This basically is a benign tumour on the pituitary that has also had a ‘bleed’. The result is that it became swollen, and pressed against the optic nerve in the region of the optic chiasma thereby affecting her visual disturbances.

Off to the neurosurgeon on Monday for advice and probable date for an operation.

Guilt is a pain.

Occasionally I do things and feel guilty immediately. However, the most common experience for me at least is to get a memory of something that happened a long time ago and suddenly think “Oh god did I really say/do/make/etc that?”. Then the guilt hits and because, whatever it was, happened so long ago, there is no going back so no making amends of any sort. I tell myself the usual guff, i.e. learn from your mistakes and move forward, but that doesn’t help. What I usually feel guilty over are the effects, real or imagined, on the other party whether it be a person or animal and there’s no easy way to deal with it… especially for an obsessive like myself. Not more to add right now, just saying… 🙂

More ‘leggy’.

As I said earlier, the Doc gave me stronger antibiotics to fight the infection in my shin, but I’d forgotten he told me to stop taking the iron supplements I’d been taking because they interfere with the efficacy of the stronger medication. Naturally… I immediately forgot so each day I’ve been taking two of the antibiotics along with one iron pill so, basically, I’ve been compromising their effectiveness. Tomorrow I’ll have to try to remember. My excuse is I have a lot on my mind right now. 🙂

Chronology… not fixed.

Please don’t read this blog with the idea that the posts and the timeline will be in any way linear. I expect to hop about from time period to time period and place to place as the fancy takes me. Current affairs, i.e. my life as it is, will be mixed in with life as it was. Basically, I just have the urge to write down what’s in my mind when I open the blog.

Also, sad to say, my memory isn’t what it was (if it ever was what it was – see earlier post) and apart from the issues highlighted earlier, I may actually duplicate events in multiple posts… hopefully without too many paradoxes and contradictions. 🙂

So – just what is an ‘aside’.

To be quite honest I can see no real use for them, not in this blog anyway. Why? Because it appears above the previous post and ‘in-line’ so effectively… it’s another post. Maybe there’ll be a use for it eventually, maybe as a place put additional information not included or immediately relevant to the post it’s related to… right now tho pretty useless.


On the theme of ‘what to post’.

Most successful blogs have a purpose, i.e. a reason for their existence that makes people come again and again to visit them, join, and leave comments. Problem is, I don’t feel that strongly about any single issue. I have no in-depth hobbies to discuss, nor do play online games or pretend towards any kind of philosophical or academic pretensions. Pretty much I’m just… me. So I think this blog will just have to be a bit of an eclectic mish-mash of personal information, ideas and opinions, and general news, i.e. political, social and technical!

If this sort of thing is of interest to you, welcome aboard. If not, well sorry for wasting your time. 😀

Back again.

I figured, what the hell. I’m here now, upgraded the software, fiddled with the settings so why not write something. But there’s the rub. As with nearly any other blog written by a halfway normal person what *do* I write??

I could start with a joke… if I knew any. Or maybe I could do what I do best… i.e. ramble! To be honest I figure that ‘rambling’ is my best bet. If there was an Olympic event, I reckon I could ramble for Australia and get the gold… or better if they ever put a platinum medal. 🙂


Well… it’s like this. I’ve abandoned my other blog, redirected the domain to my forum at Australian Opinion and decided it might be a good idea to use *this* site as the ‘new’ blog.

Obviously, it’s been here quite some time, but has rarely been ‘used in anger’ so I think perhaps it’s time to start. So let’s see how it goes eh?? 🙂